Classic Vehicle Union of China
Membership Fee

Payment Standard and Method of CVUC Membership Fee

In accordance with the Articles of Association of Classic Vehicle Union of China (CVUC), the members have the obligation to pay membership fee on time so as to offer fund support to the CVUC for carrying out the international and domestic association work in accordance with the laws, paying international membership fees, private industry service fee, day-to-day office expenses of the Secretariat and other activities. Pursuant to SASAC (State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission)' Circular On Forwarding the Notice on Adjusting Social Associations Membership Fee Policies and Relevant Problems (Minfa[2003] No. 95) issued by the Ministry of Civil Affairs and the Ministry of Finance(Aug.2003), combined with actual situation of Classic Vehicle Union of China, the following measure on collecting membership fee from all members shall be implemented.

I. Membership fee payment standard

(I) Payers of membership fee

1. Member units of Classic Vehicle Union of China;

2. Individual members of Classic Vehicle Union of China.

(II) Time for membership fee payment

Members pay membership fee on annual basis, once a year. Of which:

1. As for old member units, membership fee is paid before April 30 each year;

2. As for new member unit who is newly approved, the membership fee for current year needs to be paid within one month after the approval. If the new member unit is approved after July 1 of current year, 50% of the annual membership fee shall be paid;

(III) Classification standard for membership fee payment

1. Membership fee paid by individual members

(1) Membership fee paid by Vice Chairman is RMB100,000.

(2) Membership fee paid by deputy secretary general is RMB50,000.

(3) Membership fee paid by chief member is RMB20,000.

(4) Membership fee paid by standing member is RMB10,000.

2. Membership fee paid by member units

(1) Associations, driving clubs, and other clubs pay membership fee based on the number of members, that is, each member of the above units pay membership fee of 50 yuan each year.

(2) Classic vehicle renovation enterprises and accessory enterprises should pay membership fee of RMB 20,000 per year.

(3) Museums pay membership fee is paid according to the collection scale, that is, RMB100 membership fee shall be paid for each vehicle each year.

(4) Research institutes, universities and media units pay annual membership fee of RMB1,000.

II Membership fee payment method

Secretariat Membership Management Service Center sends Membership Fee Payment Notice to members in March of each year. The members should take the initiative to pay one-time full-amount annual membership fee before April 30.

III. Membership fee management

1. The Classic Vehicle Union of China implements unified standards and strict management on membership fee in accordance with relevant state regulations.

2. Pursuant to the Articles of Association of Classic Vehicle Union of China, the membership fee collected by CVUC Membership Management Service Center is used as necessary expenses which all member units spend for carrying out international and domestic association business work and various industry service activities.

3. In accordance with strict financial management system, CVUC Membership Management Service Center identifies the leaders in charge of financial work, strictly complies with financial discipline, effectively strengthens the financial management and oversight, and truthfully fill in annual Association Fund Receipt and Disbursement Table (according to unified format stipulated by the relevant national departments).

4. Membership Management Service Center accepts the supervision of the Secretariat of CVUC. At the end of each year, the accounting firm designated by the Ministry of Civil Affairs audits the full-year financial position, issues an audit report and reports to the CVUC chairman office.

5. At the CVUC annual meeting, the Secretariat of CVUC will make independent report on the fund budget and membership fee usage, for review by all participants.

IV. Other matters

1. CVUC Membership Fee Payment Standard and Method shall be implemented on January 1, 2010.

2. The membership fee shall be remitted to the account designated by the Secretariat.


Bank name: Beijing Branch of China Merchants Bank
Bank account: China Auto Road (Beijing) Culture Development Co., Ltd
Account number: 110906318810601