4th West Coast Economic Zone Auto Fair (Xiamen) - Events - Classic Vehicle Union of China

4th West Coast Economic Zone Auto Fair (Xiamen)

The 4th West Coast Economic Zone Auto Fair took place from 19th to 22nd June 2009 at the Xiamen Conference and Exhibition Center. Organized by the China Machinery Federation, co-organized by the Xiamen Association for Auto Circulation and with the support of Classic Vehicle Union of China, the West Coast Economic Zone Auto Fair was recognized as high-standard and high-class large-scale auto festival of great impact already after its third edition. After the Beijing Auto Show, the Shanghai Auto Show and the Guangzhou Auto Show, this is yet another great national automotive expo.

"The Red Route" was the nostalgic theme of the 2009 edition; Chinese leaders' vehicles from different periods brought the visitor back to the "red days" and conveyed the revolutionary and leadership spirit through vivid explanation of both pictures and text; understanding the role of cars both in violent and peaceful times allowed visitors to grasp the true meaning of war and peace and strengthened their longing for the unification of the West Coast Zone.

The exhibition presented the following car models: Mao Zedong's Jisi 115, Liu Shaoqi's Red Flag CA-72, the convertible used by Zhou Enlai to accompany King Sihanouk on his inspection of the guard of honor, Peng Dehuai's GAZ 69, Zhu De's Mercedes-Benz 280S, commander-in-chief Chen Yi's Volga M21. Faithful to the core concept of the fair, the Organizing Committee created an atmosphere of nostalgia to evoke the spirit of revolution. Every vehicle was on display on its own exhibition stage; details about its origin, former owner, historic significance and other interesting facts were extensively provided on ad-hoc explanation boards that recreated vividly the wonderful history of the leaders and their cars.