Tianlong Festival of Auto Parts - Forum on Recent Developments in the Field of Auto Parts

Echoing the 17th International Auto Show held at the New Exhibition Center, Tianlong Auto Parts City held the "Tianlong Festival of Auto Parts - Forum on Recent Developments in the Field of Auto Parts" from 23rd to 27th April 2008; nearly one thousand people gathered for the occasion and among them were leaders of auto parts associations, manufacturers and retail companies. Together, they discussed some recent challenges of the auto parts industry such as brand establishment, cooperation on international import and distribution.

During the festival, Classic Vehicle Union of China was invited to organize several events such as a retrospective exhibition on 100 years of car culture, a competition on family car style, lectures and demonstrations on safe and environmentally-friendly driving, an exhibition on car tuning, a display of F1 cars, an exhibition of classic cars, an appreciation session of car-related stamps, an impressive show where talented people inflated tires with their mouth or nose, a discount sale of new cars, etc.