2007 ITALA Parigi-Pechino: Cent' Anni di Passione Italiana


The year of 1907, should be remained immortal in the annals of motor sport for human beings. Under the proposal of FIA, The Parisian Newspaper announced news that shocked the world: to organize the world automobiles and to host the unprecedented event in human history - Cross Continental Rally which started from Beijing, crossed the Eurasian Continent and ended in Paris. The plan met with warm response from the world automobile field, especially in Europe. Although there were only four motorcars and one motor tricycle assembled in Beijing, four motorcars finally arrived in Paris. However, it still was a sensation that shocked the world. During the competition, Italy Prince Borghese, who drove the Itala made by Fiat acquired the championship. Furthermore, many famous enterprises had taken part in this activity, such as Louis Vuitton in France, Spyker in Holland, Pirelli, Michelin and Dunlop. The event has been generally recognized as the original trip of motor sport in the world, it also became the first cross-continental automobile race in human history. The event not only produced profound influence on the development of the world automobile industry, but also created a tremendous impetus for the popularity of automobile sports for human beings. Since then, rapid development has been seen in the automobile industry, the popularity of auto sports has also been increased greatly.

The year of 2007 is right the 100th anniversary of Beijing-Paris Rally. In order to follow the step of the former, to reappear the magnificent history, to show the elegance demeanor of automobile history, industry, craft, sports and to annotate the enterprising spirit of human beings, ACI (Automobile Club d' Italia) held the "ITALA Parigi-Pechino: Cent' Anni di Passione Italiana". CLASSIC VEHICLE UNION OF CHINA (CVUC) gathered 18 Chinese classic cars attending in the China section.On September 17th 2009, at the frontier between China and Mongolia, CVUC held a grand welcoming ceremony for ITALA's century regression in China.Local government and leaders attended the welcoming ceremony with friendly and passional atmosphere. After the ceremony, the Chinese oldtimers companioned the ITALA and the crews from Erlianhot (Frontier) till the origin of 100 years ago: Beijing, where a related exhibition were organized by CVUC at the square under the famous central TV tower.....

The above activities not only enriched the Chinese' cultural life, inspired automobile culture industry, enhanced collectors and citizen's attention to automobile culture activities,but also made great effort to the development and promotion of Chinese automobile culture industry.