Chinese Automobile Culture Fair


Chinese Automobile Culture Fair was organized by CVUC in Tianjin in July ,2006, which is the first time that the best ,the most comprehensive ,the most attractive and the most valuable automobile culture resource assembled together in one event .This Fair focused on culture and static display, live experiencing, interactive entertaining and knowledge-spread, which is different from the other local traditional automobile exhibition in China. Comprehensive automobile activities of humanities, automobile art, culture, history, collections, entertainment and stunt made the event much more attractive and interesting.


Over 40 classic cars which used to belong to Chairman Mao, Chiang Kai-Shek (the first president of Taiwan), Zhou Enlai (the Premier of China from 1949-1974), Zhu De (the first Marshal of China), Chenault (A very famous volunteered air force general from the US who help Chinese fighting against the Japanese during the world war II), Lin Biao (the third Marshal of China), Nie Rongzhen (the fourth Marshal of China) etc. gathered to a parade through the Tianjin city, which achieved great passion from the publics.