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Discount policy on registration fee and registration procedure

Discount policy and registration procedure

Its been several days since the Organizing Committee started to accept the registration, there have been hundreds of classic car owners who consulted with us and showed their interest in 4C and some of them already sign up for the grand rally. By interviewing some of them, it turns out that the rally really boasts a good reputation from home and abroad.

The Organizing Committee hereby states the discount policy on registration fee and the registration procedure.

Discount on registration fee:

Registration and payment before 28 February 2016: discount of 300 Euro/vehicle;

Registration Procedures

(a) Read the General Rules of the event;

(b) Fill in the Official Registration Form;

(c) Personally sign all necessary documents;

(d) Provide the necessary ID confirmation documents;

(e) Pay the registration fee.

A good chance of knowing China and experiencing the oriental civilization is waiting for you.

A platform of face-to-face communication with friends and classic car fans from all over the world comes to you soon.