Bodensee Klassik

1st May was the day of preparations for Bodensee Klassik. Participants were busy with technical checks, exploration of the surroundings and interaction. The competition officially started on 2nd May; the team composed of the Secretary General of CVUC, Mr. Guian Zong, and Mr. Felix Chen from Volkswagen Group faced the challenge behind the wheel of a Little Miss Sunshine T2.

The three-day event closed on 4th May. Participants drove their precious cars through the woods, along the side of a marvelous lake and on an altogether marvelous route.

During three days, everyone was able to express their enthusiasm for classic cars and consolidate friendly ties. Bodensee Klassik 2013 officially ended after the awards ceremony and evening banquet.

Mr. Zong and the delegates from Volkswagen Group returned to China on 5th May...goodbye Germany!