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Bugatti Day

On the evening of 28th April, 2013, Mr. Guian Zong, Secretary General of CVUC, arrived at Frankfurt Airport. After driving to Baden Baden, Mr. Zong checked in at the hotel and prepared for the next day's visit.

On the early morning of 29th April, Mr. Zong, together with Mr. Markus Nels and Mr. Felix Chen from Volkswagen Group, went to Mulhouse and visited Bugatti Museum, which is a private museum with more than one hundred classic Bugatti cars. Mr. Zong spoke highly of the precious collection. Afterwards, the group visited Bugatti HQ located in Molsheim, France.

After lunch, Mr. Zong participated in the Bugatti factory tour. This was a real "Bugatti Day"! The group set out for Stuttgart afterwards and prepared for another exciting visit.