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CVUC and the Events Commission of FIVA

Yesterday, 24th April 2013, Classic Vehicle Union of China was honored by the visit of Mr. Lszl Tomcsnyi, member of the Events Commission Board of FIVA.

A delegation from CVUC composed of the Secretary General, Mr. Guian Zong, the Committee Director, Mr. Xiaoming Hou, and the manager of the International Cooperation Office, Ms. Michela Cera met Mr. Tomcsnyi for a one-day friendly discussion on different topics. Mr. Tomcsnyi gave CVUCs delegates his extremely insightful advice on several important matters and emphasized the support of FIVA for Classic Cars Challenge China (4C).

After the talk, everyone at CVUC will keep working with renewed enthusiasm and confidence to make our 2013 event the biggest and highest-level festival of classic cars in the Eastern part of the world.