CLASSIC VEHICLE UNION OF CHINA (CVUC) is the only national organization in the field of classic vehicle in China and the Chinese ANF of FEDERATION INTERNATIONALE VEHICULES ANCIENS (FIVA). CVUC takes full responsibility for the management of the classic vehicle industry in the P.R.China.


In 2004, CVUC started its preparations. In 2005, CVUC was founded and owns over 400 members and 1000 classic vehicles by now. The headquarters of CVUC are located in Beijing, the capital of China. As a national non-profit organization supported by the collectors of classic cars and classic motorcycles, classic vehicle amateurs and relevant enterprises, CVUC's tasks are as follows:

- To unite the enthusiasts of classic vehicles in China;
- To popularize the collecting knowledge in the classic vehicle field;
- To make efforts to industrialization and standardization of classic vehicle industry in China;
- To guide and develope classic vehicle sports,collecting and appreciation;
- To realise national and international registration of classic vehicles;
- To create more exchange and cooperation opportunities with international organizations in classic vehicle area;
- To establish friendship with other classic vehicle organizations and members from all over the world.