4C is a high-end social platform for elite and celebrity assembly as well as a platform for brand promotion and business communication. Through six years, a large number of international celebrities have participated in 4C:

Patrick Rollet, actual FIVA President 
Horst Brüning, former FIVA President 
His Serene Highness Ludwig Prince zu Löwenstein – Wertheim
 – Freudenberg, president of AvD/KAC 
York Prince of Schaumbung-Lippe 
David Whale, senior Vice President of FIVA 
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Mario Theissen, senior vice president of FIVA 
Prof. Dr. Jochem Peter Heizmann, CEO of Volkswagen Group (China) 
Jacky Ickx, Le Mans legendary driver 
Hans-Joachim Stuck, former Formula 1 champion 
Edgar Meyer, President of Sino-German Automobile Club in the AvD 
Laslo Tomcsanyi, vice president of FIVA Events Commission 
Toni Bienemann, renowned entrepreneur in Europe 
Marc Cos, renowned plastic surgeon in Europe 
William Morrison, managing director of Goodwood Events 
Lloyd McNeil, Motorsports director of Goodwood 
Jean Paul Debroise, president of “Le Raid des Baroudeurs” 
Janko Uratnik , president of the ANF in Slovenia 
Ersi Economides, general secretary of the ANF of Cyprus 
David Thomas, former president of the Classic Car Club of Singapore 
Douglas Fox, general secretary of the Classic Car Club of Singapore 
Mark Steinberg, founder of Marcol Group 
Steven Collins, president of Marcol Planning and  Zoning Commission 
Nicholas Leslau, famous British entrepreneur 
Kevin Davis, famous American entrepreneur 
Keith Martin, vice president of Classic Car Club of Hong Kong 
Luo Yiming, president of Hong Kong Collector Car Club 
Robert Fountain, founder of Aston Workshop and famous Aston Martin collector 
Kornienko, consulate in Consulate-General of Russia in Shanghai 
Constantin Buschmann, vice-president of BRABUS Group and world leader in the car tuning industry 
Achim Stejskal, director of public relations of Porsche Museum 
Markus Nels, senior director of Volkswagen (China) Investment Co. Ltd 
Axel Bartkus, general manager of Messe Düsseldorf (Shanghai) Co. Ltd 
Si Matian, CEO of German car industry federation quality management center 
Liu Shuying, treasurer of Hong Kong Collector Car Club  
Zhang Taifu, vice president of Classic Car Club of Macau 
Jean Leblanc, CEO of Exclusive Classic Cars 
Roland Bleinroth, CEO of Messe Stuttgart 
Bijnens Eric, Belgian jewelry man 
Joris Bergsma, founding editor
Thierry Cohet,  journalist of LVA publishing group 
Franco Lombardi, European well-known journalist