October 9th to October 21st, 2017 
Maximum number of competition vehicles: 60 
Year of production: 1910 – 1987(cars produced before 1967 are preferred) 
1st December 2016: the Organizing Committee starts accepting applications 
1st-15th August 2017: vehicles shipment 
By 15th September 2017: all vehicles must arrive at Tianjin port 
15th-30th September 2017: vehicles’ customs clearance 
1st-7th October 2017: Preliminary event (Tentative) 
9th October 2017: participants’ registration 
10th October 2017: technical and administrative checks and competition training, official welcoming dinner in the evening 
11th October 2017: sightseeing in Beijing, motorcade preparation 
12th October 2017: Opening ceremony, Day 1: Beijing-Tianjin 
13th October 2017: Day 2: Tianjin-Dongying 
14th October 2017: sightseeing in Dongying and dialogue day 
15th October 2017: Day 3: Dongying-Lianyungang 
16th October 2017: Day 4: Lianyungang-Nanjing 
17th October 2017: sightseeing in Nanjing 
18th October 2017: Day 5: Nanjing-Wuxi 
19th October 2017: Day 6: Wuxi-Shanghai, Closing & award ceremony, and wine party in the evening. 
20th October 2017: sightseeing in Shanghai, farewell dinner in the evening 
21st October 2017: the end, participants and vehicles leave Shanghai 
(Note: as holding such an event in China needs to pass strict examination and approval by related government departments, so final government approval shall prevail)