CLASSIC CARS CHALLENGE CHINA (4C) was co-founded by Fédération Internationale des Véhicules Anciens (FIVA)-the highest international authority in the realm of classic cars and Classic Vehicle Union Of China(CVUC for short). Still today, this is the first and only high-end international competition of classic cars in China, and has been acknowledged in the realm as the biggest and highest-level “automotive & trend” event in the Eastern part of the world. 4C is a non-race tour rally carried on Chinese national roads, focusing on tourism and cultural experience, hold annually in golden October from Beijing to Shanghai, which are the areas with the richest historical culture and tourism and commercial value. Tens of antique classic cars from all over the world every year come to the event, driving across hundreds of towns and villages. Various of activities including tour, exhibitions, brand promotions and business communications are held along the cities. CLASSIC CARS CHALLENGE CHINA (4C) founded in 2011, has been successfully hosted for six times until 2016 and co-hosted by China Association of Automobile Manufacturers(CAAM) since 2014, all have made great achievements(for more information, please see event official website or search the internet). It will be its 7th birthday in 2017.

Through six years: 263 overseas and domestic vehicles have participated in the event 1068 participants from overseas and domestic took part in the event 289 media joined and reported the whole event 78 Chinese and foreign enterprises sponsored the event 1780 media reported the event Accumulate 18000 reports of newspapers, and Internet, numerous reports by Wechat, Microblog etc. 12.3 million audiences witnessed this grand event 120 million people reach this event through media communication