Through the past six editions, Classic Cars Challenge China (4C) has become a famous brand of high-end cultural events; both on the national and international level, 4C is regarded as the “Chinese Mille Miglia”, enjoys irrefutable popularity and boasts a huge influence.

Brand Rights & Uniqueness

Classic Cars Challenge China (4C) is a brand of international classic car event created and organized by Fédération Internationale des Véhicules Anciens (FIVA) and Classic Vehicle Union of China (CVUC). It is the first and only official event on the Chinese territory formally approved by FIVA and featured in the FIVA Annual Events Calendar.

Grand Scale & Strong Communication

As a standard international event, 4C attracts about 200 participants and 50 vehicles from more than 20 countries each year. It is also an attracting, entertaining and appealing event with an annual witness of 2 million. 4C has a strong communication that with more than 300 media reported it and dozens of media joined the whole rally issuing more than 18000 accumulated reports and news over the past six years. More than 120 million people reached 4C through media communication.

Golden hinterland &national coverage

Classic Cars Challenge China (4C) explores the golden hinterland of China, an area of immense commercial, tourist and cultural value. It connects two of the most developed economic areas of the nation, the Circum-Bohai Sea Economic Zone and the Yangtze River Delta Economic Zone, covering dozens of cities in four provinces. This area is of strategic importance both for local producers looking to expand on the national scale and for foreign firms aiming at establishing themselves on the Chinese market

Precious resources & original format

World-class historic vehicles are the main focus of Classic Cars Challenge China (4C); the format of this cruise crosses the Chinese golden inner region is unprecedented in China and until today has not been replicated by anyone else. With their unparalleled rareness, the event’s resources are remarkably valuable (every year the total value of the vehicles exceeds hundreds of millions RMB); furthermore, they put on a wonderful show thanks to their distinctive appearance, as they surf through emerald fields and scented flowers or stop under the blue sky. At the same time exhibition and parade, sport competition and beauty contest, 4C is no different from a touring museum of international classic vehicles against a charming landscape. At each stop, locals run to the streets to welcome the motorcade; also,the attention drawn and the advertisement generated by media reports are incomparable.