China is the only nation with a constant civilization history of more than 5,000 years in the world which breeds one-fourth of the total global population and possesses time-honored civilization and graceful landscapes. In the past half century, especially in the latest thirty years, China has attracted the attention of the world. And the Beijing Olimpic Games in 2008 push this attention and interest to a new high.

110 years ago, Mr Borghese who drove his car from this ancient country to Paris created a history in which human completed transcontinental tour in a motor vehicle. His success stunned the world and left us permanent memory as well. 110 years later, another grand classic car event, Classic Cars Challenges China, comes back to this ancient country for the seventh time and it certainly will trigger a heat for classic cars in this nation again.

Old Chinese imperial city, glorious oriental culture, beautiful National Stadium and National Swimming Center, heroic Great Wall and Changjiang River, delicious Chinese food, mellow wine, pure coffee, top-grade wristwatch and elegant clothes…all above will be parts of the event. Hereby, 4C opens her arms welcoming friends from all over the world to join in and feel this magnificant “feast of China” together. This is not only an unforgettable journey but also a baptism of the spirit. You will get a deep understanding of the mysterious oriental civilization and of the splendid Chinese culture. Moreover, you will experience marvels of fashion, modern trends and luxury. Driving under blue sky, across emerald fields and fragrant scent of flowers, you will feel like a triumphant and proud hero admired by millions of people. This is an invitation from the Great Wall and a calling from the oriental civilization. Do not hesitate to join us. Let’s create and experience an unforgettable journey throughout China!